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Enrolling Ages 3-5

Our Christ-centered program focuses on every aspect of a child's growth.  We tailor our education to each child's cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and developmental abilities.  Children learn to respect themselves and others, respect their environment, and grow their love for learning.  We accomplish this by including Christian beliefs and principles in all of our activities.

Students need to be at least 3 years old to enroll in our program.  The classroom is set up for 12 students with a ratio of 1:12.

Our program offers a full range of activities such as practical life, sensorial activities, language arts, math, and cultural topics.  The teacher presents individual as well as group lessons to each student. 

Our curriculum is theme based and changes monthly.  Each month students are introduced to a new subject such as friendship, forest animals, community helpers etc.  Students will complete assignments and projects based on these themes according to their developmental abilities. 

Student's progress is tracked by the teacher and communicated to parents during parent-teacher conferences which are held three times a year.