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 Hello!  I'm glad you're here on our site.  We are about to start our 2017-2018 school year.
Class size:  We have 23 students in our room:  nine 7th graders, fourteen 8th graders, 15 boys,8 girls.

Academics: We study all the major subjects - Bible, math, science, social studies (American History),  reading (Pathways Series), English, spelling.  We also have art, band, and keyboarding.  Lunch & recess, too!

Spiritual Life:  We have worship and Bible class first in our daily schedule.  I like to start our day talking about Jesus and His love for us.  Each has time for prayer requests and prayers every day.    On Wednesdays, the whole school meets at the church for a 45 minute time of worship.  We have two Weeks of Prayer during the year.  Our pastors conduct baptismal classes for the students that choose to go. We perform a Christmas program for the community every year. 

Service:  On Fridays, we help the lower graders with our Little Buddy program.  We read with them, visit, do fun projects, etc. for about 20 minutes.     The 8th grade class goes to Camp Yorktown Bay in the fall for a 5-day project. 

Sports:  For grades 5-8, we offer an basketball program.  We practice once or twice a week.  We have terrific, dedicated coaches.  We play local teams from other schools, and once a year we travel down to Burleson to participate in a weekend tournament.  It's one of the highlights of the year.  Afterschool gymnastics are also offered at the academy.  Grades 3-8 can choose to particpate.  It meets twice a week with the academy coach.

Social Life:    In the Fall, we have our annual Bonfire Vespers.  In the winter, we have a Valentines Party for our class.  Near the end of the year, we have Outdoor School down at Camp Yorktown Bay.  This is really a great learning experience and a lot of fun as well.  The 8th graders get to go to Turning Point Camp at Lake Ouachita State Park at this time. 

If  you are considering joining our class, I hope you will.  You will learn lots, be loved, and make life-long friendships.  I pray that Jesus will touch your heart and He will be your best friend.

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